The Boatshed at Woronora

Boatshed-Logo-BlueJonathan and Jane Bell spent their first few years in charge of The Boatshed at Woronora working mostly with the structure, ideas and branding they had inherited from previous owners. While they have made a few changes to bring their own flavour to a business that has existed in some form or another almost non-stop since it was first built around 1946, they decided it was time to really stamp their mark on the Boatshed and rebrand the business looking to the future, while at the same time not totally forgetting the history of the Boatshed.

The first part of the rebrand involved updating their business card which also doubles as a loyalty card for customers, able to be used for either coffee purchases or canoe hire. Jon and Jane had been using a card which while it had served it’s purpose, had essentially been a stop-gap solution while they were re-establishing the business, and they felt a need for a change should start with that. In another stop-gap solution, a photo of the Boatshed had been used as a logo, so before doing anything about a new card, we looked at sorting the logo situation.

One of the main problems Jon and Jane have found with the Boatshed is that people don’t know where it is. Woronora is a small suburb with no drive through traffic, and the Boatshed is a destination café well away from the small part of Woronora visible from the main road. If people go to Woronora looking for a café, they tend to stop at the first one they see, and the Boatshed is still a few minutes drive (and about a half hour walk) and not able to be seen from there. The directions Jon and Jane give to people eager to check their business out include the line ‘look for the blue building when you get the to RSL’, so we thought we’d play on the blue building aspect of that when looking at a new logo.

Once the logo was decided upon, the card was produced with an eye on possibilities for further branding opportunities to be looked at in the future, including brochures/flyers, signage and new look website and menus.

Specialising in home baked food, The Boatshed at Woronora is one of Sydney’s hidden gems. If you’d like to sample some of their delights in a relaxing setting by the water, why not check out their website and see what they have to offer, or just visit them at 131 Prince Edward Park Road Woronora.