Data Extract

222-Cover-ThumbnailOne of the main benefits of being a member of the Doctor Who Club of Australia (DWCA) is receiving the club’s magazine Data Extract.

With the era of hastily put together photocopied newsletters long gone, Jethryk turned the magazine from a throw away item into something DWCA members looked forward to finding in their mailboxes.

  • The original Data Extract
    The original Data Extract was a double sided A4/Foolscap/whatever was floating around at the time. Pretty standard for a newsletter in 1980.
  • Before Jethryk
    The newsletter grew into a fanzine during the 1980s, and expanded to 16 pages by 2005. However, a new series for the programme meant a new audience and fans who weren't satisfied with a photocopied amateur production any longer.
  • Poster style covers
    With the move made from a photocopier to professional printing, Jethryk introduced colour, poster style covers to draw attention to the magazine.
  • Improve readability
    The inside was cleaned up to vastly improve readability - text and image styles were pared back to basics, information broken up into bite sized chunks, and more white space added to make information easier to assimilate.
  • Consistency within issues
    The text and images styles were made consistent throughout the whole magazine, so there was no clashes within the magazine. Whatever page you looked at, you knew you were reading Data Extract.
  • Stand out feature articles
    With the standardisation of the regular columns, pages and features, one-off features were allowed to stand out with a few extra special headline packages. The move to professional printing also aided diversity, meaning images and backgrounds could reach the edge of the page, rather than being required to stick within margins.
  • Splashes of colour
    Every so often, the budget could stretch to feature articles having a splash of colour in them...
  • More than a splash!
    ...and sometimes, a lot of colour! While this doesn't occur every issue, readers of Data Extract can now expect a lot more from the magazine since Jethryk took over the layout and design.