Gregory Long: Tempting in Shade

Tempting in ShadeGreg approached Jethryk not long before he had completed the manuscript for Tempting in Shade, the first in a series he is planning with the bridging title of Soul Thief.

Tempting in Shade will be Greg’s first work of fiction to be published, and he is planning on going down the epublishing route, although isn’t ruling out the possibility of a print run at a later date if he thinks there is a demand for it.

Greg describes Tempting in Shade as stylistically high fantasy with science-fiction elements, and wanted the cover to have a ‘steampunk crossed with renaissance crossed with swords and sorcery’ feel. After presenting a few potential cover options, inspiration and ideas to Greg, we discussed his plans for future books in the series and decided that Greg would produce artwork based on a scene from the story while we would provide the framework to house the art, a framework that would then be carried forward for the duration of the series. Greg’s initial comments on seeing one of the early drafts of this was ‘this was truly how I pictured my book looking’. It’s fair to say he was pretty happy with the way it all turned out.

Greg Profile PicI used Paul Deuis of Jethryk to design the cover of my novel Tempting in Shade. Paul’s approach was to first get an idea of the nature of my novel – including my perception of characters and settings and overall “feel”. In little time he returned with three rough mockups and from these we chose the direction of the cover. Paul is a passionate designer who will go the entire distance to get things right. I am ecstatic with his results and am certain that you will be too.

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